GOP when the truth hurts

Message to the Republican Party incumbents when the truth hurts more than likely it is real. When we heard Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul ripping Republicans on Sunday, we had to agree. They are as much to blame as the Democrats for the massive federal budget deficit; he claimed the GOP has taken the easy way out as they had their chance to cut spending. Paul hammered the congress GOP as they vote to cut taxes but never vote to cut spending. The Tea Party express back Paul and you can see why he is their candidate. He also brought to light another potential issue. If a candidate wins as a Tea Party reformer then gets to Washington and falls trap to same old business. Paul has from the jump campaigned on smaller government, balanced budgets and intends to introduce a proposal to balance the federal budget. The latest poll numbers, Rand Paul Leads Democrat Jack Conway by six points in the Kentucky Senate Race. He is hitting nerve by telling truth that Republicans doubled the debt and now the Democrats are tripling the debt. By far our favorite comment of the night because we truly agree is the slam on President Obama, saying the Democratic president is most responsible for the spread of the national tea party movement because he is fundamentally wrong on every issue. We wish Paul well but it was great to hear someone tell it like it is no matter how hard it stings.

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