GOP still dont get it talking to you Murkowski

We have huge problems with the GOP and the treatment of the Tea Party candidates. We understand no one wants to lose their territory but there is a reason your candidates are losing. The GOP needs to understand they are not exempt from being part of the problem. Now in the ultimate proof you just so not get it Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski announced that she is going to mount a write-in candidacy in a bid to hold onto her job. My favorite part was she said “The campaign for Alaska’s future begins,” Murkowski told an Anchorage rally. The problem is Lisa you need a write in campaign because you are the problem and you are the past. The real Republican nominee is Joe Miller, does this mean the Senator thinks that his extremist views might make Democrats vote for her, excuse me write in her name. The problem is Alaska is former Governor Sarah Palin stomping ground as we believe she controls Alaska. We notices this when she went on Twitter and urged Murkowski to recognize that the state’s primary voters demonstrated their support for Miller, a tea party favorite. We think the news flash is not getting to the insiders in Washington, voters are choosing to support non incumbents because they wanted to move away business as usual. Even more proof is the bringing home the bacon as the rally there was a photo of the late Senator Ted Stevens with his arm around Murkowski. Stevens is beloved in this state for bringing billions of dollars in federal aid and project to Alaska. This is no longer considered a good thing by voters as they have finally woken up to the fact the free money from the government is not free it is called taxes.

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