RIAA Supreme Choice

It looks like the U.S. Supreme Court is weighing the first RIAA file sharing case. We hope that when the docket is set for the next session, the so-called “innocent infringer” case will be heard. The copyright infringement case pending before the justices was over the February decision ordering a university student to pay the RIAA $27,750for sharing 37 tracks at $750 a track when she was a high school cheerleader. There have been an estimated 20,000 individuals the RIAA has sued for file-sharing music. The petition to review the appellate court ruling challenge weighs whether the innocent-infringer defense to the Copyright Act’s minimum charge of $750 per track fine may apply to online file sharing. If you did not know the innocent infringer is someone who does not know she or he is committing copyright infringement. The chances are slim as the high court usually grants less than one percent of petitions sent to it. We think it is pretty hard to think that a person who is stealing music in the first place, does not know they are haring with others. We hate the RIAA for the way they went about crushing the little people to make a statement.


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