Democrats are punting on tax cuts

It looks like the democrats who have a majority in both houses still cannot get out of their own way. It is pretty much the conclusion of the Democratic leaders in Congress that they are going to postpone a vote on extending Bush-era tax cuts until after the November 2 elections. Have you ever seen a congress with so much power get so little done? They cannot even decide on what to decide on, this is why Democrats cannot be leaders they never lead, make the hard choice, or look to offend anyone but taxpayers. They have no problem giving hand outs to none taxpayers like the healthcare that tax payers will pick up the bill on. U.S. House Republican leader John Boehner spoke Friday night at a dinner for Pennsylvania Republicans claims the Democrats postponed the vote because the a Republican-led majority would have voted to extend all the tax cuts. Democratic leaders want to allow tax cuts for higher-income Americans to expire on Jan. 1 to help reduce the deficit. We understand it needs to get done by the first of the year, but why do they think they cannot pass what they need. It is just another example of the lack of leadership from the top of the Whitehouse to the top of the House of Representatives.

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