President Hip Hop

It is amazing when you think this president thinks he can pretend the last years did not happen and we should bring back the hope. President Barack Obama was addressing supporters at a hip hop concert and rally, seeking to re-energize the youth vote. If you did not hear the Democratic National Committee enlisted hip hop artist B.o.B to perform for a sold-out crowd of 3,000 at DAR Constitution Hall. The crowd also was hearing from Obama’s 2008 campaign manager, David Plouffe, and DNC Chairman Tim Kaine on the importance of the youth vote to the November elections. The event was organized for the DNC’s gen44 group, which tries to cultivate young leaders. It was expected to raise $750,000. The president on the way to the hip hop show spoke at a small fundraising dinner at the home of John Phillips and Linda Douglass, where guests paid $30,400 each to raise $1 million for the Democratic Party. We love the fact that the message was “That hope you were feeling when I came in, there’s no reason to lose it”. Really, did he say that? There are many reasons to lose it he number one reason is that you are a fraud. You sold hope and change but went into the Whitehouse without any original ideas. He let congress write the bills and watched the wheels grind. The president told the crowd the answers are still within our grasp. The question is do we have the will to do it. It is priceless and useless these kids will not vote, the tea party will and it will be a November to remember.

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