Nosara Land Costa Rica

There was a wise man that once said invest in real estate because God is not making anymore. The problem with investing in US real estate is the market has been over valued. There is still an opportunity to invest in Nosara Land in Costa Rica. This Central American paradise is a tranquil beach community, ideal for a nature lover’s or a surfer’s vacation. Hotels and private houses are spread apart and hidden into lush tropical greenery. Not only will you have a great spot to vacation yourself but also a source of income in an area that is sought after by travelers the world over.The Guanacaste province belonged to Nicaragua during the Colonial period. It wasn’t until after the nations of Central America gained independence from Spain that it was annexed and incorporated to Costa Rica on July 25, 1825. The government recognizes this date as a National holiday even though the boundary lines weren’t changed until 1858.

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