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Fire up Air Force One we need to use taxpayer money to go to on the campaign trail for hopeless democrats in need. President Barack Obama is heading to New Jersey to raise $1 million for Democrats. This is not new for this President but it seems he is always on the campaign trail. We believe the reason he spends so much time is it is the one thing he knows well. They are in trouble as a party and with less than a month for the pivotal midterm elections. The rubber chicken circuit has President Obama speaking at a small dinner in Cresskill, New Jersey at the home of Michael Kempner, head of MWW Group, a public relations firm in East Rutherford. If you did not get your invitation the Tickets to the 50-person Democratic National Committee dinner were $30,400 each, the maximum individual contribution, for a cool 1.5 million. If you think we have said this about President Obama before your right he headlined four DNC fundraisers last month, for a whopping $16 million in September for the party. The problem is this is more money than the republicans but it does not matter because time is on the GOP side. They have ruined every chance burned every bridge and lost all the good well they created to get into office. The money will help but America is showing that if you are an incumbent you are done.

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