Raggio Who is that anyway

We cannot believe how clueless you can become when you are an incumbent. There must be rarified air that has some effect on judgment. What would posses the Nevada state Senator Bill Raggio, one of Nevada’s most influential Republicans over the last four decades, says he’s reluctantly is endorsing Democratic Senator Harry Reid’s for re-election. The old guard GOP is making a huge mistake by not embracing the Tea Party candidates. The old guard is making a huge mistake not understanding the desire of the voting population to bring fresh ideas and new blood. This takes the cake this moron Bill Raggio who we never heard of until today is going to be a poster child on November third either way. One poster has this clown as a reason the Senate does not change hands and Harry Ried does not pay for Obamacare. The other poster has this bozo’s picture on it next to an Edsel, BetaMax, and 8-track tapes, and any other thing that is either no longer needed or replaced by something better. There are times when a grassroots feeling can sweep the nation. There are always people that are afraid to get on board, but for this guy Bill Raggio to think Harry Ried is the answer is beyond impractical and bordering on insanity. We understand GOP candidate Sharron Angle is not an A typical GOP candidate and Raggio defeated Angle two years ago in a bitter GOP primary, but let us all get along for the common good. Here is a tip for Bill Raggio so he can avoid being on one or our posters if you are not going to back the GOP candidate do not back anyone.


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