Apple Reid fall from tree

The family dinner at the Reid house cannot be cheerful these days. The apple does not fall from the tree and when the roots are bad it is rotten all over. If you did not know Democratic gubernatorial candidate Rory Reid has been laying an egg in Nevada. First he dumped his famous last name, enlisted former President Bill Clinton and relentlessly attacked his opponent. None of it is working. He is the son of Senate Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid and trails heavily in recent polls. Nevada has risen to the challenge as bumper stickers and soaped window signs proclaiming “Anybody but Reid,” or “Dump Reid.” Republican Brian Sandoval, a former federal judge who was the first Hispanic in Nevada to win a statewide election when was elected attorney general in 2002. The last poll from September had Sandoval favored over Reid, 51 percent to 37 percent. This is fitting and makes Nevada a much better place than New England where when the Kennedy family took over the runt of litters even won. Yes that would be Teddy and Patches if you cannot fill in the blanks. We are pretty happy that the year Senate Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid will go down he can take the rest of his family with them.

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