Feingold pays the piper

The almighty knowing follow President Obama blindly into socialism democrats now have to pay for that choice. It makes sense to follow he came into office with a fresh face and promise of change. The problem is the change he was selling no one was buying. This is the case for Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold as he has been on defense for months. He has tried to defend his vote for health care reform. This came up again during a televised debate. Feingold whom everyone considers will be an easy winner and return to Washington for a fourth term. Recent polls have shown him slightly trailing Republican candidate Johnson. The two will meet in two more debates before Election Day. Johnson needs to hammer Feingold on health care reform, Washington incumbents need to go, and being the only Democrat senator to vote against the Patriot Act. Johnson has claimed the corner stone of his campaign was to help repeal the law. Johnson also has Feingold for his support of the stimulus bill. At the same time the message from Johnson is about moving the country investing more in nuclear power and favors responsible oil drilling and eliminates earmarks. These two debates again on Monday and it should be the best one. Usually in a three debate format the first is a feeling out, the second is where you have some red meat from the first to use. The last debate is safer as it is like the last exhibition game in the NFL, you just do not want to get hurt. This applies to close races as if you are far behind you need some haymaker in the finale debate. The latest poll of Likely Voters shows Johnson at 54% and Feingold only 42%.


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