Tea Party has traction

It is another lame stream media hope falling to the wayside. They so wanted to tell you the Tea Party would run out of gas. They so wanted you to believe it was going to disappear by Election Day. They so wanted the economy and jobs to pick up. Seems they are zero for three in those hopes. The reports in most major papers across the US have to make the claim the Tea Party is real, a threat, and dare it be said is going to win some races. Right now there are over 70 of candidates on ballots across the US. It can be said that close to half are locked in competitive House races. The best part is some of these candidates are political newcomers. There are reports that candidates with tea party ties are favored to win in Republican-leaning districts in Indiana and South Carolina. Several are running strong in a number of rural districts in the West and the suburbs of several major cities. Three candidates aligned with the tea party are in tight races in Michigan. In the senate there are a half-dozen tea party-backed Senate candidates, including the most exciting news for the GOP and bad for lame streamers Florida’s Marco Rubio, Nevada’s Sharron Angle, Colorado’s Ken Buck and Alaska’s Joe Miller, are polling ahead of their rivals or are in competitive races. The more they want to tell Americans they know what is best, the more Americans dispute and turn to what is right, in 2010 it is the Tea Party.


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