No Show job for Supreme Court Justice

We love October as the Supreme Court gets all fired up and starts talking. The newest revelation is that the Supreme Court justices that sit in the House of Representatives in their black robes for the president’s next State of the Union address are going to be short one. Turns out Justice Samuel Alito does not plan to attend. The 60-year-old justice, an appointee of President George W. Bush is still miffed over President Barack Obama rebuke of the court for its decision on campaign finance case. If you remember Alito shook his head and mouthed the words “not true.” We are not sure how this will play out it is not like he is going to get thrown off the bench. They usually keep some important members of the three branches away so he might fill that roll. Justice Stephen Breyer, quickly jumped in and said he was not bothered by presidents comments and believes justices should attend so that viewers can see the three branches of government represented in the same room. The real truth is has there ever been a president that spoke of hope, change and uniting that has divided a country quicker? This has now affected the Supreme Court what next the Girls Scouts refusing to sell cookies?

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