Democratic Delusional Talk from Gibbs

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs is claiming the 2010 is a “local” election. The delusional president chief spokesman thinks the Democratic Party has a chance to hold their House majority. Gibbs amped up the inevitable insanity by saying the Democrats will keep control of both chambers. Talk about saying the company line he actually claimed Democrats have done a remarkably good job in a tough environment. Then he jumped the shark when he said campaigns in this cycle are being run on a lot of local issues. Those local issues are jobs, economy, earmarks, national debt and healthcare. These are not local because everyday people are tying their local problems to Washington that cannot fix anything as they continue business as usual. Maybe Gibbs did not get the memo but newspaper reports from around the country are showing in the last two weeks endangered House Democrats have gone so far as to campaign on pledges to oppose House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for another term. You make no mistake and you pay attention the election on November 2, is going to be a slap in the face to all the good will your boss stole on the way into office. It is also going to be the beginning of a lame duck two years on his way to the unemployment line.

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