End Presidential Stumping for all

We know we are going to take a shot here. We want to end Presidential Stumping because there is a democrat in the White House. We are willing to stop this starting in 2012 to be fair. We watched as the city of Boston prepared for the President to come to a rally for Governor Patrick. There were law enforcement, military, helicopters and lost of black windowed SUV’s. This was the day before his arrival this is a dress rehearsal. When the leader of the free world travels we want this due diligence, we want them to be safe. We started to wonder how much it cost this exercise then the actual day of the event the travel, gas, manpower, and equipment. We want this to be no longer a practice that the United States Taxpayers pay for; we would like the campaign receiving the support or the party to pick up the tab. We do not remember President Bush doing this and we certainly have no evidence that he did not. We even enjoy these junkets as it has not worked. The last time he came to Boston it was for DA Martha Coakley and she lost to Senator Scott Brown a nobody, independent, with no high level support. It is just a thought and maybe we need to kepp the President at home much like the country has put off vacations due to expense maybe he can hold rubber chicken dinners in Washington and bring the people to him, instead of him going to the people.


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