World Police is tough business

When you want to be the police for the world and a super power it is truly thankless. There are many reasons we could pick but when we hared that Russia is complaining that the United States has not acted on information the top Russian anti-drug official provided about many narcotics laboratories in Afghanistan. Russia has an estimated over two million opium and heroin addicts. For their part NATO has asked Moscow to contribute to the war effort in Afghanistan by training more counternarcotics agents and providing helicopters to the Afghan government’s air force. This has not happened and using other countries Intel you do not have confirmed on your own is tricky business. The bigger issue is before Russia calls use out there is the issue that after the fall of the Soviet Union there are many missing suitcase bombs that contain nuclear weapons. We think they should focus on that and leave drug enforcement to others. This is the problem with being world police and stuck in a country you hope to straighten out and leave. Diplomacy is needed and when you have back seat drivers trying to steer policy it only makes matters more confusing and convoluted.

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