President Speak with Forked Tongue

President Barack Obama playing both sides of the fence and confusing many. On one hand he says he sees opportunities to work with the GOP after Election Day. Then in the next sentence claims if the republican wins enough seats their will be gridlock. This is the same politician who ran for the White House promising a new era of bipartisanship. This has never happened as he has spent the last two years blaming President Bush and Republicans for every thing that he cannot fixed with his bad ideas. The latest polls shows that 84 percent of likely voters say that they are frustrated by politics and 81 percent say they have been disappointed with their expectations. The best part is this poll also says 61 percent of likely voters believe the GOP will win control of Congress in the midterm election, with most of those voters believing Republican victories would be a good thing for the country. If the congress can flip at least we can have the rest of the year off as lame duck pols never do anything. This president has spent the last two years, making excuses, running around the nation campaigning, leaving big plan to legislatures and not being accountable. We have thought this administration has closest to the President Carter presidency and hopefully will be one and done like the peanut farmer.

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