Tariq Aziz is guilty

President Bush can claim another win in the liberation of Iraq. Everyone wants to forget the horror that the Hussein regime. Today finally the international face of Saddam Hussein’s regime, Tariq Aziz, was sentenced to death by hanging for persecuting Shiites just over three months after the Americans transferred him to Iraqi government custody. The Iraqi High Tribunal spokesman did not say when the 74-year-old former foreign minister would get the noose but Aziz has 30 days to appeal which is more than his administration ever gave anyone. The left has used this war to their advantage and shaped the conversation to fit it. First it was a war for oil, when we did not take oil, it was because of revenge for his father, and then it was we went to war with no exit strategy. History will show it was a war based on stopping weapons of mass destruction but in the end it was about freedom as clearly what Iraq wanted. Iraq has executed a number of high-profile members of Saddam’s regime. There may never be closure and it may never have been the right thing. The truth when the books of time look back they will see a ruthless dictator was taken from power and the super power that did it had no agenda and held no quarter for the payment. These are the things that kill liberals and why they hate when everyone in the world says Ronald Reagan killed the Soviet Union admitting these things are tough pill to swallow, it is hard when you choke on the truth.


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