Election Day is getting close

We are getting close and it time to tell everyone whom we are support. We thought it would be nice to give you some links to check out the candidates on the right side of the issues. These candidates can send a message to Washington and to the lame stream media. We know they see it coming they have been preparing themselves for it for weeks and the day approaches. In Arkansas for Senator we are pulling for Republican Rep. John Boozman over Democrat Blanche Lincoln http://www.boozmanforarkansas.com/  http://twitter.com/boozman4AR.

There are two races in California the first is Governor where Republican Meg Whitman is running against fossil Democrat Jerry Brown http://www.megwhitman.com/  http://twitter.com/whitman2010 and for Senator Republican Carly Fiorina over whacked out Democrat Barbara Boxer http://carlyforca.com/ http://twitter.com/CarlyforCA.

In Nevada running for Senator is Republican Sharron Angle a must win over Senate Leader Democrat Harry Reid, http://www.sharronangle.com/ http://twitter.com/sharronangle.

The race in Delaware for Senate has Republican Christine O’Donnell over Democrat Chris Coons http://christine2010.com/  http://www.twitter.com/christineod.

We are hoping that for Colorado Senate Republican Ken Buck will send Democratic Senator Michael Bennet to unemployment http://bit.ly/dyvxvv http://www.Twitter.com/buckforcolorado.

Connecticut we are pulling for Republican Linda McMahon for Senate over Democrat Richard Blumenthal

Lastly we need SeanBielat a good guy Republican over long time blow hard Democrat Barney Frank http://www.twitter.com/SeanBielat http://www.byebyebarney.org/


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