The Crayola FACTORY at Two Rivers Landing

Next summer we are going to take a trip through Pennsylvania probably around the beginning of spring. We are thinking about making a stop at the The Crayola FACTORY. The little guys are full of creativity and they say the place is where there is no limitation to creativity and imagination. You can color, draw, paint and create with the latest Crayola products. Each creative space invites you to play and explore while learning and having lots and lots of fun. See how Crayola Crayons and Markers are made. Learn about the history of the Crayola brand. Explore dozens of interactive projects and activities. This is not the real manufacturing plant, but instead a visitor center that allows the child inside each person to unleash its creative spirit. Each quarter, themes and projects change, giving visitors a variety of projects to create throughout the year. We have started to work out the trip but we think it will include two days at Hershey Park, a day at Sesame Place and a final stop at the Crayola FACTORY the tickets for the day are lass than $10. We have not booked anything yet but we are also thinking about a trip to Florida in January.

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