Orlando International Airport – Great Design

Traveling in American since 911 that has included an airport has been miserable. Long lines, feet smell, TSA rudeness, and too much time waiting around. We were pleasantly surprised with the Orlando International airport. If you are landing are taking off there are multiple runways and no waiting once you begin. The terminals have a tram that leads you out easily to your gate. The main area of the airport is more like a suburban mall. The airport itself is clean and there are plenty of restrooms. There is plenty of vending machines as well so if your there after hours you can get pretty much anything you need from iPod accessories, bathroom toiletries, and the usual suspects of soda, chips and bottled water. The flow through the airport is well designed, and there is plenty of seats for waiting for your flight at each gate. There are close to 100 gates but because it is Florida there was plenty of real estate to design the airport right the first time. The TSA entrance to the terminals slows everything down but there is a good amount of room to pack your belongings back up, put your shoes on and move along. This system works well instead of the other approach at some airports where you check in with TSA at every gate. We give high marks to the Orlando International Airport but in all honesty it is one of the most highest traveled to vacation spots in the world so they expected traffic 365 days a year.


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