WeReward is a genius idea

This is not a paid review, this is a straight up awestruck post over an idea that is years ahead of its time. Wereward is the perfect gel of mobile user, constant online connectivity and advertisers. Ted Murphy at IZEA has hit this one out of the park as this is the most impressive platform they have ever introduced. An advertiser can spend millions without any visible return. A mobile user can go the same places and never be rewarded for their patronage. Wereward has mashed up these two into a platform that makes everyone get something for the effort. An example is Starbucks offers a Wereward if you go to a Starbucks, take a photo with your phone of you drinking a coffee in the store. You post it up to wereward and you get points for doing this task. The promotion for the advertiser is like a coupon. The user gets a service in this case a coffee and cash back when earned enough points. The power of this makes you feel like this is going to become the model for advertising over the next 10 years. The magic of the details are what so amazing, the advertiser has photos of real people using their product, x&y gens do not clip coupons but everyone likes something for free or at discount. We check it all the time as it is not only a reward program but as everything with IZEA it is just fun. Ted Murphy has created an environment along with his team of navigating the slippery snake of internet advertising and riding the waves to the next big thing. http://spn.tw/r9x 


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