Tomorrow we celebrate

The Republican Party held a comeback last night of epic proportions. We will celebrate tomorrow, today we are deflated and let down by our surroundings. How can that be you ask? We live in Massachusetts, where we thought after Scott Brown there was going to be change. There was no change. We are sending the same 10 shills back to congress. These same 10 bozos are going back to Washington; they went 9 out of 10 voting in favor of Obamacare. Why did we think the pinky ring liberal union machine was losing the strangle hold over the sheepeople. It was so bad here the voters actually voted down a tax cut. The state sales tax is now 6.25 and 58% of the people voted that it was OK that means to local congress they can probably pay more. We are stuck her due to job and family but if there was ever a morning to look into moving away today was the one. Barney Frank financial decisions almost destroyed the country and he gets to return for a 16th term, that is 32 years or Barney, are you kidding. It was a nightmare watching the results as New Hampshire and Florida did the right thing we were stuck in a sinkhole. Tomorrow I will be excited that there are 239 Republicans in the House and 46 in the Senate. The only silver lining is these folks go back to Washington to the back of the bench for the next two years, if you had a committee standing you lost it. That is the only joy in Mudville as Massachusetts struck out again going for ten.

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