$Money Changes Everything except Votes

We watched this season as personal fortunes were used to self-finance campaigns. It seems that this election season that turned out to be a bad idea and costly idea. The biggest spender was Former eBay chief executive Meg Whitman using $142 million of her own money in defeat for California governor. She was miles ahead of number two who was another women former wrestling entertainment executive Linda McMahon who put up an estimated $50 million in Connecticut. There was New York, millionaire developer Carl Paladino dropping around $10 million of his own coin in a losing effort. There are stat breakdowns of the cost per vote for these candidates. The biggest reason is attributed to the fact that they ran in heavy democratic areas and could not break through. There were some strategy challenges like spending money on ads in the summer so by the time fall rolled around people are sick of you. There is another argument we watched candidates take PAC money and state aid under campaign finance reform for their robo calls and ads. This is tax payers’ money and an insult that they give it to also rans. We know the system is flawed and the senators club is a millionaires club, but the system is lending itself to ultra rich and low voters interest candidates clogging the air waves and phones lines just to keep it fair.


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