Hanging Chad Talk

Another election season and pretty much no surprises in the way of uncounted votes. It is amazing when this happens it seems to always be the democrat that was the winner first. We found out that in New York a congressional election in Long Island that had appeared to end in victory for a four-term Democrat, Representative Tim Bishop, is now up for grabs after authorities discovered they had misreported the result of the vote. It turns out that the Suffolk County Board of Elections unofficial tally released in the hours after the polls closed was off by thousands. The unofficial returns had Bishop leading with 92,252 votes to Republican challenger Randy Altschuler’s 88,791. They actually audit so a routine check of voting machine memory cards showed that instead of leading by about 3,500 votes, Bishop was trailing Altschuler by a less than 400. There are also about 9,000 absentee ballots cast that have yet to be counted. You know the drill by now all ballots will need to be recounted by hand to confirm the accuracy of the tally. The claim is that the numbers were given over the phone and it was written down incorrectly. Every year that this happens you have to wonder if the process is flawed and the conversation has never changed to find a better way to take human error and deceit out the of the equation.


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