Obama needs outsourcing

It turns out the best orator in the free world might have to be out sourced while on his junket to India. This seems like the perfect place since more American jobs have gone over seas to that region of the world. How many Americans do you know that have called customer service feel the phone is being answered in that part of the world anyway. President Obama is surprising the people of India based on his upcoming speech to the Indian government. It turns out he will be the first person that will ever use a teleprompter in their Parliament. They were misleading by reports that the great President Obama is skilled in the art of mass address with his continuous eye contact. We do not feel bad for the Indian officials they were basically given the same bill of goods the US voters received. They spent so much time talking and telling you how great he is going to be. Then he shows up and it just was not what you are thinking. This is a lesson for the whole world as to what we are dealing with and after ten days in India another part of the world will understand as well.


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