Times Square Is Heat Pounding Alive

We do not have to tell you how great Times Square in New York is, it has been written, sung, and danced on paper, film and music. We do want to say that there is no more feeling of electricity then standing in Times Square among the lights, people, and hustle of the city. It is not about the stores, the tables in the square, the bleachers, the big ball the looms over the square all year, all those things are part of it though. The whole thing makes you stand back and just want to take it all in. You have seen it on TV thousands of time, but standing there you realize just how impressive standing there can be. This is truly one of the greatest places on the earth because when you are there you are in a place everyone knows. This is not a local thing Times Square is a world wide known place of destination. This is the same feeling that must be had at the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben, these places that are landmarks, known by everyone around the world. We recommend everyone at some point get to Manhattan, get to Times Square and go with the idea to do nothing. Just get there and stand amongst the hustle and bustle and soak it all in. Then go back again at night as it is two different worlds and the lights make the Square come alive. Tea512 puts Times Square as one of the top ten destinations you must see in your lifetime.


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