Veterans Day 2010

Those who live in freedom will always be grateful to those who helped preserve it. Thank you to all our past and present Military for the unselfish job they do to protect our freedom. May God watch over them and bless the USA. As we reflect this Veteran’s Day, let us honor and remember all those who serve or have served in our military. We owe our gratitude to the men and women in the military who promote peace and justice and protect people across the world. Our thoughts are with the families of those who have lost their lives, and our thoughts and prays for the continued safety of all our military personnel. It is our duty and privilege to remember the sacrifices they have made and continue to make on our behalf. These courageous patriots who have pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor, to our country we salute all generations of Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen that have responded to duty’s call and risked their lives for our safety. For that reason we ought all to take a few minutes today and remember our men and women in uniform – those who’ve served in the past and those who serve now; those who’ve returned safely from tours of duty and those who’ve come back wounded; and above all those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice for our liberties and way of life.

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