The Mighty has Fallen

You know it is getting bad when the New York Times cannot even spin good news for current President. This story was a reflection on the President Obama economic tour of Asia and after the back-to-back summit meetings, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum. President Obama was in Yokohama the final stop on a 10-day, four-nation journey that took him to India, Indonesia and South Korea. The mission was to revive the American economy and bolster job growth. The New York Times had to report he faced stiff challenges during the G20 in Seoul over currency policy and his contention that the United States could pump money into its economy to stimulate growth before concentrating on reducing the deficit. It was only two years ago a world trip was to a fawning reception by world leaders. This time he was pushed on the role of the United States as a world power, about his stature on the world stage in a post midterm environment and even about his own diplomatic touch. We never expected much success from these world trips or the G20 summit. We never expected the New York Times to call it as they see it, basically the truth. We can now say that shine is worn off and mirage of this President is being exposed for the world to see.

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