Unions want to flex a limp muscle

The hits just keep on coming for President Obama. When he returns there is a new problem to deal with labor unions. This is the first time for this as the White House and Big Unions are entering a new and difficult stretch in their relationship. Labor is concerned about how President Obama will proceed with the recommendations from his debt commission. The two chairmen of that body this week proposed sweeping reforms, including changes to Social Security that would lower benefits. Unions blasted the recommendations as an assault on workers. We are thinking this is due to the Unions unhappiness when President Obama gave up on a public insurance option in the healthcare bill, and card-check legislation. We have seen already when the debt panel chairman’s recommendations were handed down both the unions and Speaker Nancy Pelosi called them unacceptable. We love this has turned the way it has. The President has lost his power to do anything he wants, the Unions have lost the means of paying for everything they ask for and the democrats must try to speak out of both sides of their mouths. They need to keep the Unions happy to keep the money and votes coming but the long term goals are never going to them back anything they are asking to have. Great times indeed.


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