We knew they would come around

We will never get over the fact the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is still in office. It is nice that he realizes just how neutered he is though. The top Democrat in the Senate is willing to consider a temporary tax cut extension for all income levels including the Bush-era tax cuts. The extension being floated is for two or three years, we could be negative and say that seems to run pats the presidential election in 2012, but we have to take what we can get. The bigger news is that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is going to have to lay ball, the White House is not going to let them rock the boat and cost President Obama the election. When you change tax cuts it becomes a tax increase no matter how you slice it and that would be hung around the White House til it choked them all back to Illinois. Reid and his fellow Democrats held a closed meeting to talk about the upcoming legislation. President Barack Obama has asked congressional leaders to meet with him on Thursday to discuss tax cuts. Legislation is not expected to come up for a vote until after next week’s Thanksgiving break at the earliest.


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