Sorry Charlie but it is on you

The only good thing this lame duck congress can do besides extend bush era tax cuts is ethics trails. We understand after January change they could hand down a stiffer sentence but we will take what we can get. It was nice to see when Democrat Representative from New York Charles Rangel was caught with his hand in the cookie jar he had to pay. We watched as he became extremely emotional before the ethics panel. We were not sure if it was for the cameras or if he was genuine as he wiped away tears and stressed that he did not act for personal gain and to apologize to the committee for any awkwardness or embarrassment he may have caused. We are not sure if this normal as Democrat from Vermont Representative Peter Welch asked him to offer his words. The verdict did not take long as the House ethics committee’s chief counsel recommended that Rangel be formally censured by the full House for violating 11 House ethics rules. This is just short of full expulsion; censure is the most serious sanction the ethics panel can recommend. They still need a majority of the full House would have to vote to censure Rangel should the ethics committee officially recommend that punishment. This could get interesting if they try to push through in this congress or next.

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