You can’t get them all

After yesterday we were becoming big fans of the ethics committee. Then as quick as we give praise we need to take it away. They have decided that Representative from California Maxine Waters who they have accused have back off. The ethics committee says that they have a weak case that is unraveling after the panel abruptly cancelled her public trial. Not only did they cancel the hearing they put it off indefinitely. The House ethics committee announced it has delayed indefinitely Waters trial because the panel had discovered new evidence in the case. The Waters’s trial was set to begin on Nov. 29. which would be great on the heels of the Charles Rangel verdict. We really wanted Waters trial as she is a member of the Financial Services Committee, accused of using her position to arrange a meeting between Treasury Department officials and the National Bankers Association regarding OneUnited Bank. At the time, Waters’s husband was a significant shareholder in the bank and had formerly served on its board of directors. There is also talk that some how Representative Barney Frank was involved and since stupid Massachusetts (yes still bitter) sent him back it would nice to have a new scandal with Barney. We think because Waters was playing hard ball by planning to have an experienced legal team, the well-known ethics expert Stanley Brand and his associate Andrew Herman by her side as they were prepared to mount a vigorous, detailed defense. At least we got Charly.

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