There has to be a better way

Every time we get to the vote counting by hand it always seems to be a mess. Why does this happen and s there nothing that cannot be done to change it. Case in point is the Alaska bitterly contested Senate election. It turned up in state court it seems where all these things eventually get resolved. Republican Joe Miller is suing the state over the way write-in ballots for his GOP rival has been counted. The problem is the use of liberal discretion in determining voter intent on write-in ballots cast for Senator Lisa Murkowski. This is just a Hail Mary as the last tally was Murkowski with a 10,328-vote lead over Miller. There are 8,159 ballots that are being contested by Miller in court. The bottom line math is Senator Lisa Murkowski still has a 2,169-vote lead. The target date for certifying the election is Nov. 29. Then a recount can then be requested by Dec. 4. The lawsuit does make sense as Miller knows the State law stipulates that write-in ballots must have the provided oval filled in and the candidate’s last name or name written as it appears on their declaration of candidacy, the chances of this being correct 100% of the time is a stretch. This is why write in campaigns hardly ever work. This is no where near the end as The Miller campaign has said he wants a hand count after a court rules on the standard by which ballots should be judged. We will ever be cursed by the game plan of Al Gore and the hanging chad.

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