President Obama endangered

It is Saturday so we could not resist when it came across the wire that Environmental groups are criticizing the President Obama for what they say is a continuing backlog of plants and animals in need of protection under the Endangered Species Act. We kind of hope the political life of President Obama as president is endangered. The real story is the Fish and Wildlife Service says 251 species are candidates for endangered species protection. The president is taking it on the lip pun intended as the environmental groups say that the Obama administration has done little to improve on what they consider a dismal record on endangered species under President George W. Bush. The numbers are after two years in office, the President Obama administration has only used the Endangered Species Act to protect 51 plants and animals, a below standard average of 25 a year. The problem is these tree hugging hippies messiah was the Clinton administration that protected an average of 65 species per year. They feel there is a lot to catch up for as the Bush administration averaged only around eight a year. It is funny how this hope and change guy can never catch a break. We say that because his problem has not been as much with the GOP but people from his side.

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