Kaua‘i Museum

Like there is anything you need to see when you are in Hawaii. As the old saying goes anything you see in Hawaii is great because to see it you are in Hawaii. We wanted to let you know about the Kaua‘i Museum is two floors of permanent exhibits pertaining to the history of Kaua‘i from the birth of the island up through the Territorial Period. These exhibits provide an understanding of the unique cultures and history visitors will encounter on the island. You should allow at least two hours for your visit. The entrance fee is good for several days, so do ask for a pass. The fee is for the General Public: $10, Seniors: $8, Students (13-17) $6, Children(6-12) $2, Under 5 get in for Free. You have to check out The Story of Kaua‘I which is two floors of exhibits in the Rice Building. On the first floor, walk through a passage highlighting geological wonders of the island, its natural history, and the coming of the Hawaiian people and portraits of famous chiefs from ancient times. The Juliet Rice Wichman Heritage Gallery located on the main floor of the Wilcox Building has large koa-lined cases display fine kou umeke, rare and exquisite Ni‘ihau shell lei, and possessions once belonging to monarchs and Kaua‘i ali‘i. Beautifully carved furniture, wall plaques, tableware from the monarchy period. Oriental Art Gallery is on the Mezzanine of the Wilcox Building Hawai‘i sits in the middle of the Pacific Ocean bounded by the American continent on one side and Asia on the other. From the early post-contact days, beautiful Asian china, sculpture, and paintings made their way into Hawaiian homes. Most of the Museum’s collections come from Kaua‘i families for the community to enjoy and learn about Asian art.

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