Stimulus is working

We know the stimulus is finally working and we have proof. The democrats can rejoice as Delta Air Lines is hiring 1,000 new flight attendants. The problem is that the economy is so in the tank that more than 100,000 people have applied. The thing this story which we write tongue and check that this means the stimulus was a success in case you did not pick that up. We do hope they understand that people are looking for real jobs which this President refuses to create. So when out of work her there is an opening at a real company, with a decent job, the application receiving servers cannot take it. There is something sexy to getting all that free travel and seeing the world; Europe, South America, and Asia. The reason U.S. airlines have finally returned to profitability, in part by cutting flights. Some of those flights are returning now but more importantly Delta is making an aggressive push into new, more-lucrative international routes. And that’s really where most of these 1,000 new flight attendant jobs come in. We wish luck to the 1% of the applicants that are actually picked to fly the skies on these international flights. To bad there are not more shovel ready airlines.

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