Pull out the binky

It was only a matter or time before it happens again. There are people who have collected unemployment 99 weeks and the string is coming to an end. The White House is stepping up its push for Congress to extend unemployment insurance for out-of-work Americans, linking the benefits to an extension of expiring Bush-era tax cuts. They brought out the big guns as President Barack Obama had his Council of Economic Advisers report that if Congress does not extend the benefits, two million unemployed workers will lose coverage this month and 7 million would lose coverage by November 2011. When enough is is enough. We understand that finding a job when unemployment across the country is 9.5 is difficult. We are not trying to minimize the struggle family’s face. We are not going to say the people are lazy, dependent or unable to say no to free money. We just think that 99 weeks is only 5 weeks short of two full years. If there is an extension they can collect for more than two years. This is not a good idea and we have set up a class of people that have not worked in two years and will pay for this for years to come. We are not talking about the taxes, we are talking about the effect it has on the children who grow up in these handout homes.


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