Good Time Charlie pays the piper

We are so going to miss picking on Veteran Representative Charles Rangel, the blow hard Democrat from the big apple. We were given a treat watching him get spanked around. We are very excited that Charles Rangel, has become the first United States House member in 27 years to be censured like there have not been a long list we might have missed. There really was no other way to turn as after the long drawn out trial he was convicted on 11 counts of ethics violations. The censure, which they say is the highest punishment short of expulsion, what would have been so bad about that anyway. We will take what we can get as censure is reserved for serious offenses and requires the member in question to stand before his or her colleagues while a censure resolution is read. The reason to celebrate is that it actually happened as the censure has only been used 23 times in the history of the House. The other really nice thing was House Representative Charles Rangel had served since 1971, but he had to stand there in front of the members of Congress while weepy Speaker Nancy Pelosi read the resolution rebuking his conduct. It was like they say for Visa priceless.

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