Sons of Anarchy Finale Season Three

FX makes the best free television. The only channel that compares is HBO that you pay for. The finale of Sons of Anarchy was the closing finale we had not expected. In past finales they leave a hanger that leaves you wanting more and waiting for a new season. This year was different they closed all the lose ends and delivered it all in a nice bow on top. It was the first finale where the guys actually pull off the perfect plan. The first season finale say them all going to jail, the second say Abel the son kidnapped and disappearing. This finale was a combination of both of those things with a twist. At one point you thought they were all headed back to jail and earlier you thought they lost the son for good. We do not need to spell it out as it was a finale for the ages reminiscent of a Sopranos finale where the people that cause the disruption weather they are righteous or evil pays the ultimate price in the end. This show has lifted itself to must see status to becoming one of the favorite shows around the office. When Rescue Me finishes up next year it will be the best show on free TV.


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