Scott Brown walks the tight rope

The Senator Scott Brown story is one with highs and lows. It was great almost a year ago when he crushed a democrat Coakley to capture the senate seat from Massachusetts. It was awesome that the seat was in the Kennedy family for year and now a Republican was going to vote from it. We knew he never said he was Republican but it was next to his name in the voting booth. He was going to the 41 vote that stopped healthcare; he was given the hashtag #project 41 on Twitter. It never worked out as Pelosi and Reid had a plan around it. Then he started voting and he was not as conservative as the folks back home would like. In the last couple of days he might have pulled his worst stunt yet. First he said he supported the removeal of Don’t ask Don’t tell, which from a state that he comes from that allows gay marriage might be a move in which he was thinking more about reelection than reaction. He steeped when it was actually time to pull the lever and said he would not vote for any of this stuff until they passed tax cuts and help the economy. We wonder what he was thinking and what was the point in claiming support for don’t as don’t tell. Maybe he is more like John Kerry than we had thought? Maybe it is just playing ball in Washington? Whatever it is, back home it does not look good from anyone perspective and that is no way to win reelection.

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