Mr. Sanders goes to Washington

The senate is full of some pompous asses but when you hear that a donkey can speak all day against the president from his party you wonder if there are new rules needed. We have all seen Mr. Smit goes Washington but you never though it was ever going to happen. First of all these guys are so full of themselves you would think they could never stand for anything that long. It turns out Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is just this pompous? He spent eight and half hours in the Senate making a speech that railing against his sides President Barack Obama’s proposed tax cut compromise. The 69-year-old told everyone that would listen and who would have stayed around for this but the public record does state he opposes the idea as the passing of bill gives tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires who don’t need it and that it was unconscionable and will worsen the national debt. We heard that he did not do it alone as Louisiana loon Senator Mary Landrieu who also opposes the bill jumped in to rally against their leader. We think this s a done deal as lawmakers still expect the Senate to approve the bill next week and send it to the House. We know Sanders is listed is an Independent but when it walks and talks like a duck it is a duck and when a duck talks for eight and half hours it wastes nothing but time.

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