From Hope to Dope

If it was a television series the current resident of Pennsylvania avenue would have been said to jump the shark. When was the last time you had seen a sitting President bring in a past resident to rally his own base. The answer is never and that is why we think this was the fastest thirty months from Hope to dope. President Bill Clinton was back in Washington at the White House with something to say. The former president surprised reporters to let it be known that he endorsed the tax deal that President Obama cut with the Republican Party. To say that President upstaged, stole the show and showed swagger is an understatement. The biggest surprise was that President Obama left him alone in the White House briefing room with a microphone and a room full of scribes. President Obama might have though Gibbs could decide when Clinton’s questioning would be cut off. There was no stopping slick Wiley once he was back in the saddle. The interns were lining up and the local smoke shop had sent of a box of cigars it was just like old times again. We think that is one of those days when the dust settled the democrats must have looked at their hero and realized their new emperor has no clothes, we went from Hope to Dope and jumped the shark all in an afternoon

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