White House selective viewing

It appears that the White House only watches congress in spurts. If you do not know why we level this accusation the White House is accusing Republicans of reaching what they have termed a new low. The Republicans are threatening to use delaying tactics to hold up ratification of a new nuclear treaty with Russia. We were amazed that lead speaking stooge over at the White House Robert Gibbs claimed the Republicans were putting political stunts ahead of our national security. The issue is the Republicans are threatening to force the New START treaty to be read aloud in the Senate. Where were they last week when Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders spent a whole day wasting time just talking? Is it not fair that the Republicans get a chance to waste time? President Obama has made ratification of the treaty the top foreign policy expected during the end of the lame-duck session of Congress. Republican lawmakers have argued from jump street that there was not enough time to ratify the treaty before the end of the year. We have watched as this congressional congress has played every trick in the book, this would be the only play that has not been rolled out. This selective chastising of congress by the White House is laughable.


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