Census cost a fortune – shocking

Everything goes up but it seems when the government is involved it goes way up. The funny part about this one on the census is the cost doubles every ten years but the population does not. The numbers are in the 2010 census cost around $13 billion, up from the $8 billion from 2000 and of course much higher than the initial cost estimate of $11.3 billion. The $13 billion dollar number we paid for is number somewhere between 305.7 million and 312.7 million people, from 281.4 million, it great to know after all that money we cannot even get a solid number. It nice to now that they can narrow it down to around 7 million or so. Our favorite part of this report is the cost of doing the census jumped 62.5 percent while the population grew by less than 10 percent over the last 10 years. That means you can get ready because when 2020 rolls around we are headed for a $30 billion census. The one thing we can find is that the census did come at least $1.6 billion under its $14.7 billion budget that was set for it. We are our own worst enemy as most of the increase is due to rising labor and infrastructure expense to follow up with the 45 to 50 million households that do not mail back a Census form. We are always going to have debt and some days it just seems hopeless.


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