Lame-Duck means do nothing

We need to have this congress pass one more bill before the Christmas break and end of this session. It is not securing Senate ratification of a new arms control treaty or the end the military’s ban on openly gay service members. It is that after there is an election and a clear party change the lame duck congress cannot pass anything but financial matters to keeping the country operating. Even those should be capped as operating expenses until the first quarter of the next session. Everyday that Pelosi and Reid walk to the floor and put another garbage piece of legislation they want to hammer home before they leave proves this needs to be stopped. Has there ever been a grosser example than then the Reid omnibus so laden with pork from both sides of the aisle we though there was going to a shortage of McRibs at McDonalds. We see that they do have on the agenda legislation to keep the federal government running until mid- to late February, which is all they should do besides packing and working on lobbyist jobs. Do not even get us started on the dream act or call it is what it really is back door amnesty. The reason you are called a lame-duck is because you are rendered useless, the problem with this congress the worst in history is that they never listened to public and even after the rout on November second they still do not hear us.

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