Murkowski last hurdle

The last undecided race from the November second election is closer to conclusion. The Legal bickering over Alaska’s contested U.S. Senate race reached the state Supreme Court. The justices heard from Republican Joe Miller on his appeal of a lower court ruling that cleared a victory for Lisa Murkowski. Miller wants the results of the election invalidated, and a recount to ensure what he has called a fair and accurate tally. Miller attorney, Michael Morley, claims the state should be held to a strict reading of a law that calls for ovals on ballots to be filled in, and for the last name of a candidate or the name as it appears on the declaration of candidacy to be written. The state, relying on case law, allowed for ballots with misspellings to be counted toward Murkowski’s tally and used discretion in determining voter intent. These laws always seem to fit the need as the terms “denying reality” and “absurdly strict.”, were used to discredit the appeal. Morley argued spelling matters: “Requiring correct spelling is not absurd.” The Unofficial results of the election showed Murkowski ahead by 10,328 votes, or 2,169 votes when ballots challenged by Miller’s campaign were excluded. The problem is if Miller and Morley win potentially thousands of additional ballots could be in dispute and that would affect the outcome of the race. It really does not look good for Miller but he gets an A for plugging away.

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