President Obama strong arms Start Treaty

Christmas came early for President Barack Obama as it looks like he arm twisted enough Republican support to pass the Start (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) treaty. The new arms control treaty with Russia that would cap nuclear warheads for both countries and restart on-site weapons inspections. There were eleven Republicans that came to help the President from renegotiating causing the 67-28 proxy vote to wind up the debate. Ratification requires two-thirds of those voting in the Senate and Democrats need at least nine Republicans. The big break came on the seventh day of debate when Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, announced his support. This all happened under the watchful eye of Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry. We are not a big fan of our need to say we are doing reduction when the rest of the world seems to be amping up. We are not in agreement that this treaty would restrict U.S. options on a missile defense system. We would be naive if we did not think we lack sufficient procedures to verify Russia’s adherence. That being said at the same time we are not sure how good they could verify what we do. The track record for Weapons inspectors is suspect to say the least.

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