Topmount Sink TruGranite

We you start are model project you usually have an idea where you want to go. Then you find a better way and your plan in the beginning does not resemble the end result. We decided to look into a new kitchen Topmount Sink. There are always a lot of choices but when we went to we found Topmount Sinks we did not see in the chain stores. We fell in love with the idea of a TruGranite sinks as they come in four colors, black, brown, white, beige and Mocha. This means that we can start there and then match the countertop to the sink. TruGranite is made with 80% Quartzite and 20% Acrylic. We have become a little germ phobic since the children started school and the silver ions in the sink kills 99% of bacteria on contact. We were looking for something that is scratch and stain resistant. TruGranite sinks are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

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