Singular Focus Jobs 2 Years Late

It never ceases to amaze how blatant the democrats can be about their ineptness. President Barack Obama says the economy will be his “singular focus” over the next two years. The media shills in the gallery praised him for saying this. This should have been the focus from day one. Everybody knew it was a problem but he was hell bent on healthcare, gays in the military, the dream act, and Start treaty he only solved unemployment by paying everyone to stay out of work. We are going to look back ten years from now at talk about the two million people who were able to collect unemployment for 99 weeks, then got a 13 month extension. Somehow this President believes that the nation is past the “crisis point” in the economy, does he think he had anything to do with that. My favorite when he looked at the lame stream media and said he will now be working to bring down the jobless rate and equip the nation to compete with the rest of the world. Yesterday they each started there question congratulating him on his victories for repeal of don’t ask don’t tell and the start treaty. So much for objective observers 2011 as much as we think could be a whole new ball game it might be the same old song and dance.

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