GAO gives up on Obamacare

You know it is bad when the GAO Government Accountability Office claims that the United States financial projections are on such shaky ground that to audit them would be an exercise in futility. The watchdog office cited several problems with the government’s numbers but particularly called out its projections on Medicare in explaining its ultimate decision not to release a decision. Everyone knows the projected Medicare savings were used to build the case for the Obama administration’s health care overhaul. The GAO declared that there are significant uncertainties in those assumptions. The statement recent is a classic as the audit stated that as a result, they are unable to, and will not, express an opinion on the 2010 Statement of Social Insurance, which covers long-term budget projections for Social Security, Medicare and other benefits programs. The statement is the latest budgetary document to raise questions about whether the government’s plans for reining in Medicare will hold. We had been wondering when they were going to cut all that fraud and abuse out of Medicare that they said was going to help fund healthcare. We stated back then if they knew there was this much fraud and abuse they should have been stopping it all along. The reason they did not because it is impossible for this government to stop this or find it. Let us face it the criminals are always one step ahead and when they are caught who knows how long and how much it cost.

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